05 Dec

Friendship.... what does that mean to you?  When you think about your friends what comes to mind first?  That girl that sits next to you in math class, or maybe it's the boy who likes to throw the ball with you outside.  Maybe your first friend was your brother or sister, it could of been a cousin or even your next door neighbor. 

As we get older you may discover that your first friend was actually your parent, either your mother or father.  Because let's face it, after all that discipling and correcting who taught us and gave us the best advice about life?

We have people that come in and out of our lives during the different seasons we go through.  Sometimes we miss them when they are gone and sometimes we are thankful that we no longer have to deal with their drama and hey, that's ok as long as we remember to keep them in prayer.  Some friends have that knack to just know what we are thinking without you even saying word while others just know the right thing to say, a comforting word or a gentle word of correction.  

What creates a Best Friend?  People have different ideas of who is their best friends; women often have best friends or BFF.  That one or two women whom they count on, tell their secrets to, giggle with, shop with, turn to in times of sorrow and grief, someone who they know they can turn to no matter what without judgement.   As women we often refer to our husbands as our best friend because let's face it, who knows us better than him?  Our spouse sees us at our worse as well as our best and yet he still loves us, right?!

But do you know that we have a heavenly Father who is also our BEST FRIEND!  All the wonderful aspects that we look for in a best friend we can find in God... faithfulness, honesty, loving, caring, keeper of our secrets, forgiver, acceptor... and once we ask for forgiveness of our sins He is nonjudgmental and remembers them no more!!

Do you need a best friend?  Have you asked God?

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