01 Dec

Little bunny Foo Foo hopping through the forest, 

picking up the field mice and boppin' em on the head.

Then down swoops the good fairy and says.........

Remember those childhood nursery rhymes you'd sing with either your mom or friends?  Our young innocence never seeing the double meaning of the words while our minds registered the lessons being taught.  Have you ever felt like you were that bunny bopping others on the head?  Our siblings, friends, cousins and then spouse and children?  OR maybe you felt like the field mouse?  You were the one getting bopped by others.  Either way I think we can all relate to this nursery rhyme if we sit back and think about our lives.

What about your life walk with God?  Has God had to bunny foo-foo you?  Without a doubt I can honestly answer that question with a loud resounding YES!  Like any loving father, God lovingly corrects us when we go astray.... at these times with me is what I refer to being bunny foo-foo'ed by God.  

While I was still trying to run, run my life on my terms and not God's,  He would lovingly bop me up side the head to get may attention.  How you may ask?  Well for me the first loud bop I recall came in 1993; my daughters were barely ages 10, 7 and 3 when my doctor informed me that I had that big C word.... CANCER!  Talk about a wake up call.  I was running my life the way I wanted to having just a grand ole' time when it all came crashing down around me. I was facing stage 4 cervical cancer and scared out of my mind.  Would I be around to see my girls grown?  To see them graduate high school? Get married? Have babies?  Who would care for  them, love them like I would?  Once the initial shock wore off and I gave it over to God there was a peace that over came me. A reassurance that it would all be ok.  Was it a walk in the park? Not by any means but we survived!

Move ahead 17 years.... while I'd like to say I kept a faithful daily walk with my Lord I slipped back into old habits.  There were minor bunny foo foo moments along the way until 2010 rolled around and God had to do a major foo foo moment on me once again.  Yup you guessed it, that ugly monster raised his head again-CANCER.  After 17 years of remission the beast was back with a vengence.  This time it took a bigger toll on my body but you know what?  God is bigger, stronger and mightier than anything!!  I can still see the look on my doctor's face the day he walked into the room after my surgery and I had my bible sitting beside me.  The cover on it just said Love, I guess he thought it was a romance novel or something because he said "Love huh?"  I smiled because little did he know inside the cover is the greatest love story ever told!  He proceed to explain how the surgery went and to tell me that I now had a 50/50 survival rate.  I calmly looked him in the eye and said. "Well in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus I proclaim that 100% survival rate!"  He was kinda taken back; and I walked out MD Anderson on my own after 16 hour major surgery 5 days later!  Don't we just serve an AWESOME GOD?!

Fastforward to 2020:  now you may be reading this and think  "ya right, 2020 has been an awful year!"  But has is really???  I believe and feel that 2020 is God's biggest bunny foo foo moment yet!  What other time in history has forced us as a nation and Christians to stop, slow down and come together as a family?  The very first commandment that God gave to Moses to give to the Isrealites was "Thou shall have no other god before me".  And what have we as a nation done?  As God's people, being adopted into His family by the blood of Christ; what have we allowed into our lives to become a god before and above our Lord God Almighty?  Could it be football on Sunday, our smart phone, social media, movies, music, books, etc.... I mean the list could go on and on.  

You may be thinking: but God doesn't give us more than we can handle right?  Maybe, just maybe, He's giving us more and more because He knows we can't handle it and He wants to to rely on Him!  Don't wait for a major bunny foo foo moment... turn to, lean on and trust God with everything now!

Much love sisters!


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