30 Nov

Leap of faith, that scary moment when you finally decide to just let it all go and go for it!  Have you ever gone zip lining?  I have, that moment when you must step off the platform knowing that there will be nothing but air under your feet and all the while you are praying that the harness that someone else has strapped onto you will support that extra slice of cheesecake from last nights dinner that you ate (my story sticking to it) and that the line attached to the zip line holds true! And let's not forget about the landing..... what do you mean I'm heading straight for that tree?? Where are the breaks on this thing and will someone be there to catch me if I fall??

Life can often feel like we are on a zip line ride; the anxiety of the unknown, the fear of the first step, the acceleration of adrenaline, the realization of the crash stop and the fear of not having a safety net to rely on. But isn't it amazing that no matter what we have the most wonderful and loving Father to help guide us through and to catch us when we fall!

As a young teen I just knew that I knew it all and my mom knew nothing about life! She's too old: old fashioned, out of date, out of touch, just doesn't understand me or the changing times!  I mean, how could she know how I was feeling right?  All I ever heard was the word "NO"... no you can't go to this or that party,  no you can't go to the movies, no you can't sleep over at a friends on a Saturday night... no, no, no, no... or so it seamed at the time.  I was so blinded by my desires to be just like my friends that I failed to see how my rebellious actions were effecting my beloved mother.  I was running.... running from my parents, running from my home life, running from myself, running from God.  I was running so hard and fast that I ran straight into a teen pregnancy at age 16. Oh I was grown right? I knew what I was doing, what I wanted out of life and that was freedom!  But that freedom came at a cost. The price was my youth, my innocences, my carefree days, my parents taking care of me to me being a parent taking care of an innocent babe that was totally reliant on ME! 

Fastforward 30+ years- I've learn a lot about myself over the years and about what it means to be a mother.  I learned that hey, my mother just might have had a point with all those no's she gave me as a teen... imagine that! haha Did I make mistakes raising my daughters? ABSOLUTELY!!  Did I learn to stop running and take that leap of faith? Thank the Lord I did!!  The values that my parents instilled in me as a child sustained me through my life's journey into adulthood.  The Lord Almighty  NEVER STOPPED PURSUING ME!  And I finally slowed down and started to listen.  When we slow down, when we stop running, we start listening and start hearing the sweet voice of God!

Abba Father is our safety net, our resting place, our safe house, our Leap of Faith! He has promised to forgive our sins and remember them no more if we only believe and trust in Him.... how amazing and wonderful is that???  If you have not taken that leap will you do so now?  What are you waiting for? Heaven is just a step away... go ahead and jump!

Love and blessings to you all!


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