Danielle has a new heart! ❤️ As we continue to pray for her complete healing let's also keep in mind the donor and their family. The Gift of Life is the most precious selfless acts anyone can do. 😊


Sunni is continuing on her journey with diabetes and dialysis; She has been APPROVED for the transplant list!!! Now the wait begins as she goes through the process. May the Lord give her peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding, may His will be done for complete healing and may the doctors be given the wisdom to address all her medical needs.


Join in with prayer as the Lord works his miracle in Angela's life; she is currently battling cancer and all the agony of the health care system. May she and Pastor David find comfort and peace as they and their girls deal with the unknown. Thank you Lord that you know the ending, you wrote the story and you are keeping Angela in the palm of your hand.